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Oops! New Website.

27 Oct

Just a heads up – I moved this site to a new address. I totally forgot to post that on here. Oops!

You can check out my blog at



Tips and Tricks – Clear Nail Polish and Proportions

5 Oct

I had a comment on the last post that I wanted to address in it’s own post. I was about to respond but then I realized my reply comment turned into a novel.

Here is the comment:

“I always feel funny tucking a shirt into a skirt…what is too high/low?? It always looks kinda funky on me but you look super cute!

p.s. If you paint a thin layer of clear nail polish on each side of the ribbon, it should stop the fraying. It was a little tip I picked up from a DIY magazine!”

First off, let’s discuss clear nail polish.

It sounds like a great solution to my fraying ribbon problem. I will definitely keep that in mind next time since I already lightly burned/melted the edges of the ribbon and that worked perfect. Props to a facebook friend for that suggestion!

Two other ways I commonly use clear nail polish:

#1: To stop a run in a pair of tights. If you get a run somewhere in a pair  of tights that can be hidden (i.e. the toe) take some clear nail polish and dab it where the run began, and where the run ends. It’ll harden up those fibers so they won’t separate and continue to run.
#2. Have a cheap ring that tarnishes your finger? Coat the inside of the ring with clear nail polish. It will create a barrier between the ring and your finger. Say “goodbye” to that green stain!

Some of you may already know of those tricks. Do you have anymore? Let me know!

When to tuck a top into a skirt:
I tuck tops into skirts ALL the time. I normally like my skirts to hit right at my natural waist, and because of that, leaving a shirt untucked wouldn’t work very well. The one from the previous entry sits just below my waist … it’s a touch too big. But because the skirt is flowy, a shirt hanging over it would be too much baggy on baggy.

However, I recently styled a senior portrait session where we put together a skirt/tucked top combo and because she was pretty much all legs (lucky girl!), we left the skirt a little above the hips to balance out her proportion. The skirt at her waist would have made her torso disappear.

Assess what body type you have. If you have a long torso and short legs, skirts at the waist with a top tucked in are perfect to elongate your legs. If you have a short torso with long legs, wear your skirt lower so you don’t lose your top half.

When to tuck a shirt in or leave it out sometimes goes on a case to case basis. However, here is a guide dealing with clothing proportions:

If you are wearing something loose on the bottom (i.e. a flowy skirt) what you wear on top should be more sleek. So if the shirt you chose isn’t super tight, like the one I wore yesterday, tuck it in! This will ensure that you don’t drown in what you’re wearing.
Lauren Conrad followed this principle when choosing her outfit below:
However, if you want to wear a more tight fitting shirt, you can leave it untucked. Just make sure it isn’t bunching over your skirt and that you are still keeping your body proportions in mind! But in all honesty, the trend right now is wearing flouncy skirts at the waist.
Here is Lauren Conrad in a tight top and flowy skirt (though she is still tucking the top).

This hint also works the opposite way. If you are wearing something more structured on the bottom (i.e. a pencil skirt) you can get away with wearing something more blousy on top and leaving it untucked. Though a blousy top tucked into a pencil skirt looks adorable too. In my opinion, you can get away with tight on tight when the bottom half is a skirt. If it’s skinny jeans, stick to a blousy top.
Christina Ricci rocks the pencil skirt and blousy top here:
Notice her skirt falls a little below her waist here – but with the combination of her heels, her legs still look miles long.

When all else fails, try a top both tucked and untucked. See what looks better! Or get someone else’s opinion if you’re not sure. 🙂

Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions!