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Overcoming My Disdain For Black Pants.

6 Oct

Okay, so … While searching through fashion inspiration online, I found this picture of Hilary Duff and really enjoyed what she had going on (aside from the fact that her pants appear significantly too long).

I thought this would be a good look to re-create … just one problem: I hate black pants. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on black pants for being black pants … I just don’t like the memories that I carry with my black pants.

When I was in cosmetology school, we  were required to wear black pants every day. Ugh. That’s enough of a rut already. On top of that, we had to wear these big, ugly, parachute-esque smocks and closed-toe, black shoes. Because of this, I wore pretty much the same thing 5 days a week for about 11 months. Black pants are now my nemesis.

Attempting to re-create this look pulled on my creativity strings a bit considering I haven’t purchased a pair of black pants since 2007. I pulled out a pair from cos. school and after coloring in a bleach stain with a permanent black marker, they we ready to wear.

I really love the ones Hilary is wearing above, high wasited and wide leg. It works really well with the tucked in blouse … but considering I don’t own anything like that, I tweaked the look a bit.

Because the rise these pants is fairly low, I left my shirt untucked instead. Though in keeping with Ms. Duff’s look, I stuck with a blousy top. To give it some shape, I wrapped a scarf around my waist as a pseud0-belt.

The gold detail on the straps of my top is actually a pair of clip on earrings. One of my favorite clients at the salon gave me some of her Aunt’s old clip-ons that she had around her home. I’m so excited about them! Lots of fun things in store … 🙂

Here is a detail shot:

I also thought my sandals deserved a feature … considering this might be the last week I can get away with open toed shoes. I really love these. Dressier than a flip flop but just as comfy!

Outfit Breakdown.
Top: Target ($19.99)
Clip-On Earrings: Vintage and gifted.
Scarf: Gift, though purchased at Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: Forever 21 – Same as yesterday’s.
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: The Gap

There we go. Black pants. I did it. There is a lesson in itself. Re-use old things you never thought you’d wear again. Give it another try. These pants were three years old and stained but as Tim Gunn would say, I “made it work”. Also, a few small additions to a simple top and it looks totally different! … Oh, the things accessorizing can do. Have fun!



Lazy Sunday – Date Night

4 Oct

Normally on Sunday evenings we host a study at our house focusing on Rob Bell’s Nooma videos. They’re pretty rad … check ’em out if you haven’t …

Well, tonight group was cancelled so Kai and I had a date night instead. Much needed! It seems like we only see each other when we are working this time of year.

Since these evenings are few and far between, I wanted to get a little more gussied up than I was this morning, while still maintaining some basic elements from my church outfit.

Here’s what I came up with:

I switched out my cardigan for a gray boyfriend tee and black pull over sweatshirt. The accessories are what punched it up a bit. I added my drop necklace and the same heels I wore a couple nights ago. I moved the flower from my belt to my hair. I got a comment on the previous post saying the flower was overpowering … so some of you might really hate it in my hair. Our waitress at dinner loved it, though. 🙂

Here’s a close up of my shoes … the heel is my favorite part. 

This is my favorite “going out” purse. I saw this at Banana Republic when it was still full price. Once I saw that it was on sale, I snatched it up before it was gone. I love the color, I love the size, and I love that I can wear it two ways …

Way #1

Way #2 …

Outfit Breakdown.
Jeans, Belt, and Flower: Same as before
T-shirt: The Gap (Originally $19.50)
Sweatshirt: Banana Republic
Necklace: Target ($19.99)
Purse: Banana Republic (Originally $75)
Shoes: Christian Siriano through Payless ($35)

I loved the mix of boyfriend style with flashy, girly accessories. Putting unexpected things together can create some really adorable outfits. Give it a try!

– Kayls.

Wedding Work Day – Indoor to Outdoor

3 Oct

We photographed a wedding yesterday. Only three more to go this season!

Now that it is getting colder out, outfit planning is trickier. Wedding guests don’t have to concern themselves with being outdoor appropriate. The most time they spend outside at an indoor wedding is walking to and from the car. However, as a photographer, we spend up to three hours outdoors … so I need to dress appropriately. But let’s be honest, I still want to look cute at the reception. Yesterday I got creative and wore the skirt I mentioned a couple days ago … here is my indoor/outdoor transformation.

Indoor – Posing for Kai as he tests in the lighting in the church. I also wore this at the reception.
Bare legs and deep purple, almond toe pumps.

I found this lace top at target and pulled it from the rack immediately. I love that lace is making a comeback. I’m all about the soft feminine quality of this shirt. Oh, and the belt, I wear it with everything. This won’t be the first time you see it.

and … Outdoor – posing for Kai as he tests the lighting outside.

Leather jacket, charcoal tights, and boots.
I still look cold … it was windy, 48 degrees, and sprinkling.  I chose flat boots because I was on my feet all day and knew I would need a break from heels for a bit. These worked perfectly especially since the ground was wet.

Despite the weather yesterday, we had a great day. We were on time and the couple was a joy to work with.  These few easy additions for our outdoor picture time kept me warm and upbeat!

Outfit Breakdown
Indoor Look:
Top: Target ($19.99)
Amber Necklace: Purchased in Mexico over 5 years ago.
Belt: Banana Republic (Originally $39.50)
Skirt: Target ($34.99)
Heels: Target

Outdoor Look:
Top, Belt, Skirt, Necklace – Same
Leather Coat: Banana Republic (Originally $298)
Tights: The Gap
Boots: The Gap Outlet ($19.50)

Are you attending any outdoor events this fall that you will need to dress warm for? Keep your eye out for pieces that you can layer for a fun, but most importantly, cozy, look!

– Kayls.