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Celebrating Emma Watson – Black and White Stripes

7 Oct

Celebrating Emma Watson. Yes, that’s right, the girl from the Harry Potter movies.

You may remember this version of Emma Watson.

Hermione Granger at her finest.

Now check out the latest version of Emma Watson.

Hello, awesome haircut!

I am totally in LOVE with this pixie cut on her. If I wasn’t attached to my long hair right now, I’d run out and get this haircut tomorrow. Someday.

Because I’m kind of obsessed with her new look, I chose to do a feature on her. I found this picture of her and I really enjoyed her sweater.

Wide stripes are frightening for a lot of people. They are bold and definitely make a statement.

I only have one shirt in my closet with wide stripes like the one she is sporting above … and I happened to purchase it for a Halloween costume. I was a mime last year. After I wore the shirt as a part of my costume, I put it in the dryer and it shrunk. I kept it because I thought I might choose to be a mime again some year … but today I pulled it out of my costume box and chose to wear it.

So there you have it. Bold black and white stripes. This shirt used to be a lot longer … the shrinkage has now turned this into a cropped shirt. Luckily those are coming back in style.

I’m really am happy to be seeing a transition from long tops to short tops though. Not that I didn’t like the long tops, but I’m ready for something new. I am a fan of this trend. Especially the loose fitting cropped tops I’ve seen. Not too cropped though, let’s not get crazy.

I was searching for pictures of intentionally cropped tops that I could post and I found this:

My shirt amped up a few levels. I’m not loving this shirt in particular just because I think the crop is too short and the sleeves are too huge. But you get the idea.

Here are a couple close ups of my outfit today.

I chose accessories with a little bit of edge, but let’s be honest, I could never take this the whole way. I just don’t have an edgy aesthetic. 

And just for clarification, no that’s not a coke spoon. It’s an antique salt spoon that I turned into a pendant. I don’t do drugs.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Forever 21
Spoon Necklace: Antique
“K” Neckalce: Adorn Me (location in Ann Arbor, MI)
Belt: The Gap ($9.99)
Jeans: The Gap (Originally $69.50)
Shoes: Banana Republic

I never thought I would wear this shirt aside from my costume. Not only because it’s not what I would typically wear, but also because it shrunk significantly in the wash. Thanks to the new cropped trend, I could make this shirt work. Don’t you just love how trends cycle? Not saying that you shouldn’t get right of old clothes but you never know when you’ll be able to bring out long forsaken wardrobe pieces!

Also, props to Emma Watson for her bravery when it came to cutting her hair. This bold pixie cut inspires me – and hopefully you – to continue taking fashion risks!